Life after the CCI Fellowship

Our fellowship is designed to prepare you for whatever God has next. Whether he’s calling you to stay in campus ministry, work in the church, go overseas, or be missional in the marketplace, your experiences and training during your two years in Chicago will equip you for success.


If after doing it for 2 years you realize campus ministry is your jam, we’ve got the hookups. You could apply to be on staff with CCI and continue your work in Chicago. Whether applying to stay on for long-term staff with CCI, or pursuing a full-time position with Cru anywhere in the country, after the Fellowship, you’ll be ready to jump right in. If you’re considering campus ministry for the future, CCI is the perfect place to get trained and gain experience.


We know God isn’t calling everyone to lifelong campus ministry, but it is a great training ground for later work, especially in the church. The CCI Fellowship gives you a chance to get your feet wet serving at a church, getting experience, and making connections—all while gaining valuable experience in a diverse ministry field on campus. While it will build your resumé, more importantly, it will equip you with the skills you’ll need to begin church ministry on the right foot when you’re done.


Part of the vision of the CCI Fellowship is to send a portion of its graduates onto the global mission field. We’re passionate about reaching the nations. That’s why we do our fellows training at UIC, a campus that has immigrants and international students from all around the world. Whether you’re passionate about the majority world, the Middle East, or reaching Europe, you’ll find students at UIC who can teach you how to reach their culture. After completing the CCI Fellowship, you’ll be well equipped with ministry skills, education, and experience to go out and bring Jesus to the nations.  


Most people don’t realize this, but a Christian on mission in a non-ministry position can often accomplish more for the kingdom than a full-time missionary. The lost rarely wander into churches on their own. They come to know Jesus when their coworkers and neighbors befriend them, pray for them, and practice the slow-burn evangelism of the kingdom. People who do ordinary work with a ministry mindset are a gift to the church, and we’d love to help you become someone like that at CCI.