When passionate young people get into ministry too early, with too little support, and with too little training, they hurt people. Sometimes it’s big, sometimes it’s small, and every once in a while, it’s really big. That’s why in our 2-year fellowship, we train our fellows through on-the-ground ministry, apprenticeship, and our three-pronged cohort program. 


Evangelism and Discipleship Cohort

In year 1 of the Fellowship, you’ll master the practical skills of evangelism and disciple-making. By the time you leave, you’ll be equipped to walk with others through every stage of faith—from anonymous non-believer to committed, mature Christian. Year 2 will be spent going through Peter Scazerro’s Emotionally Healthy Spirituality curriculum and helping you discern what’s next for you post-Fellowship.

Pastoral Skills Cohort

A vibrant, life-giving relationship with Immanuel – God With Us – doesn’t happen through information alone: it requires practice. The Pastoral Skills Cohort provides teaching and practice to increase joy and peace, spiritual and emotional maturity and recovery from big and complex emotions. And these gains aren’t just for you! We’ll show you how to share them with others.

Theology Cohort

If you’re going to be a Christian, you’re going to talk about God; that means you’re going to be a theologian. This cohort is all about equipping you to be a good one. You’ll explore the big themes of the Bible, how to interpret Scripture accurately, the history of the faith, and how to put it all together. Plus, you’ll hear experts talk on how to integrate your theology with real-time care for the poor. With this solid foundation, you’ll be equipped to proclaim God’s truth wherever he takes you next.

The Future

Our prayer at CCI is to get to launch new movements that launch new movements every year until every school in Chicago has a vibrant, church-connected, gospel-centered movement. There are exciting new possibilities on the horizon as God is opening doors at previously unreached schools. Will you join us?